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Corporate Identity

A company's corporate identity is the manner in which a company presents itself to the public. While the logo is the primary visual representation of the company, the corporate identity also includes the use of company colors, fonts and style throughout the organization (marketing materials, uniforms, etc.).

After analyzing your company, the Amazing Design Group first aims at creating a company logo - as the face of your brand, your logo captures your identity visually and makes the right first impression. If you wish to take it the next step further, we move toward creating stationary and business cards. Your corporate identity should then be brought into all marketing material, and other parts in the organization (signage, uniforms, office space design, etc.). Large company's may wish to create a style guide that outlines the brand identity and provides guidelines for asset useage (company colors, logo useage and restrictions, fonts, etc.) Please contact us to talk about how the Amazing Design Group can help with your brand identity.

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